Flavio Gikovate is a psychiatrist, trained at the University of Sao Paulo. He has written 23 books on psychological conflicts related to daily life and already sold more than 600 000 copies, dealing with the psychological conflicts of everyday life.
Collaborator of the magazine  "Claudia " and of  "La Fohla de Sao Paulo", he currently writes for the magazine  "Marie-Claire ".
He participates in numerous conferences throughout Brazil and continues to exercise intensively his activity as a psychotherapist.

Les tâches d'encres

Claudine Van Steen, through her work, gives life to a technique sometimes forgotten and yet practiced since antiquity. The many examples that illustrate her work are all from real cases.

Claudine Van Steen practiced with great talent for many years. In this book, the author reveals her know-how and shares her long experience of interpretation. Through a proven technique, you will discover a serious and spiritual work. You will appreciate the originality, the projective dimension and the psychological relevance of the ink tasks.


Bruno de Nys has been practicing mediumship and clairvoyance for over 25 years. His specialties are especially direct clairvoyance, Tarot, hand lines, photo clairvoyance. He is the author of unpublished works on the Tarot. Before transmitting his method, he taught for years in France and abroad and animated hundreds of lectures and workshops of initiation to Tarot.

Today, Bruno de Nys shares his activities between writing new books, consulting and teaching.


La véritable utiliisation du pendule

Werner Giessing is an experienced and highly respected dowser for his work overseas. He has mastered the art of transmitting his knowledge with heart and intelligence.

Discover with his book The Real method for a pragmatic use of the pendulum.